Tommy Lee Jones Could Be My Dad

My Dad’s not Tommy Lee Jones, but Tommy Lee reminded me of my Dad.

My wife and I had a date night and saw Jason Bourne starting Tommy Lee Jones as the Director of the CIA. At one point Tommy Lee is being very thoughtful as the camera zooms in on his eyes and I saw my Dad’s eyes. Eyes of knowledge, secrets and responsibility.

When my Dad was in the Army and later worked for the government he had a super, top secret clearance. He knew about big things before they ever happened. He knew about things that could never be released to the public. He was like the CIA Director Tommy Lee Jones played…full of knowledge, secrets and responsibility. My Dad loved his job and took the utmost satisfaction from knowing what he did saved American lives on the battlefield.

My Dad retired 15 years ago. For the last two weeks, this man who knew secrets that if revealed could land him in jail, has been at my house wearing the same two shirts and shorts…sweating profusely in the intense August heat and humidity…starting work at 9am and not stopping until 7pm. What he accomplished in two weeks is amazing and awe-inspiring. (the list is below)

When I saw that closeup of Tommy Lee Jones…I thought of my Dad’s old life as the defender of America and the responsibility he bore every day for 40 years, but then I thought…that same man is now at my house, watching my kids, working tireless in my yard. Wow, how his life has changed. The beauty of it is, I believe he works on my fix-it-projects with the same dedication he had when he worked for our country and if it’s possible with more love for those he works for…his grand-kids, his daughter-in-law and his son.

Thanks Dad.

Here is the list of “stuff” we got done in the last two weeks

  • Repaired and replaced rotten boards in deck
  • Secured and braced deck railing
  • Sanded and stained deck
  • Rebuilt deck stairs
  • Built multiple retaining walls in backyard
  • Created level, paved backyard paths so we can walk on the severe hill we call our backyard.
  • Built steps from our gate
  • Repaired screens
  • Removed wallpaper
  • Prepped the dining-room for paint
  • Shimmed the first floor to remove squeaks
  • Replaced three bathroom faucets
  • Repaired the basement banister
  • Designed and built a soapbox derby with my son

…did I mention my Dad’s 77th birthday is in a month?


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