Two different podcasts.

  • The 6 Podcast – How we live our lives the other six days of the week when we’re not in church.
  • Jim and Jenn Podcast – Two friends laughing at everyday life.

the-six-podcast-logoLike It or Not

There are 153 people who will never express their opinion of the new President. Are they doing the right thing? They are the impetus for this podcast. Prepare to be challenged in your views of duty, service, obedience, and submission (just sayin’)!


the-six-podcast-logoRunners, Plants & Tuesdays: The Most Powerful Way to Start the Year

Now that some of your resolutions are officially defunct, we’re going to share three slightly odd but scientifically proven things you can do to make your 2017 better. We guarantee you haven’t found a list like this one!


the-six-podcast-logoOverboard for Christmas

There’s not much time left before Christmas, perhaps there’s even less of your sanity. While Christmas is a big deal to pretty much everyone, Christians have a special reason behind the holiday. But what’s the right way to celebrate the meaning of the holiday without going overboard? What does a balanced, biblical Christmas even look like?



Hope is a four letter word to some, but in this crazy, angry, fear-filled world we’re living in, it’s the best (and maybe only) response for a Christian. Not only is a great response, it’s a great way to make the world a better place. Listen for stories about pilots, supermoons, and wolves…all in this episode.