Does It Get Any Better? Depends…

What a broken December. Let me list the ways.

  • The plumber had to be called three separate times for broken pipes and a cracked water heater drain.
  • The washing machine is having issues and throwing up warning lights.
  • The Dishwasher has stopped working
  • The gas fireplace refuses to light.
  • I took a day off of work to go to the doctor, but went to the wrong location on the wrong day and had to take off another day.
  • Two companies I had hoped would hire me went with someone else. I’ve now been unemployed for nine months.
  • The health insurance bill is due for the first quarter of next year.
  • My Ford Explorer got stranded on the icy roads and I had to walk home.
  • Not one, but two unexpected and expensive trips to the mechanic to replace my car’s brakes, tires, shocks, emergency break and thermostat cover.
  • My wife’s van spent two days in the shop for maintenance

This month has been defined by unexpected bills and brokenness. Everyday I get some kind of news that makes me sigh and stoop my shoulders a little lower. It’s as if someone has it out for me and wants me to feel constant despair and defeat.

The good news is today is a new day. As depressing as this month has been…today isn’t yesterday. Today nothing has broken. Today nothing has backfired. It’s up to me to decide how I want to react to the events of today.  It’s up to me to make today a great day. It’s also up to me to make today a bad day. My choice. I hope I make the right one…and I hope you do too.


  1. In the silver lining department, all those things are fixed and good for the foreseeable future. It is unfortunate when all the appliances/autos talk to one another and concoct a plan to confound us. May 2017 be a better year for all of us.


  2. Jim… I still miss you in the morning. I don’t listen to hat station anymore. I love you positivity. Please keep your chin up. God honors those who honor Him.


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