The Best Way To Get Rejected

I’ve never felt so excited about my future job prospects as I did after reading this rejection email.

I applied to the Christian radio station K-Love. This is the last line from their note…

We certainly appreciate your interest and wish you the best.  Be encouraged in your job search, and remember… HE has a plan for you and it is going to be great!

Thanks again & God bless!

The K-LOVE & Air1 Recruiting Team

Looking for a job is horrible. I don’t know about you, but when I see a job in a city I want to live in… working for a great company… I just KNOW I’m going to get that job.  But then…no…I never hear back or after repeated attempts to talk with the company I get the form rejection email.

However, K-Love was different.

The letter had all the normal ,”We appreciate your interest.  Thanks for applying” stuff…but, the last line was different, “He has a plan for you and it is going to be great!”

It’s refreshing to know a company, that doesn’t know me, has faith in me. They know God made me and they know He will never let me down. I just have to have faith to trust Him.

I’ve read that last line over and over and I believe it. I know He’s watching over me. I look at my finances and I see Him. I look at the people helping me find a job and I see Him. I look at the support from my wife and I see Him and every night I hear my ten year old daughter pray, “…and help Daddy find a job”, and I see Him.

I could be down and depressed that I don’t have a job, but I choose happiness. I’m blessed beyond anything I could ever imagine. I’m jobless, yet I’m extremely successful. Thank you K-Love for rejecting me, because thru your rejection you reminded me to, “be encouraged”…that, “He has a plan and it IS going to be great!”

God bless you K-Love…bless you for the hope you give on the radio and bless you for the hope you gave with a simple rejection letter.


  1. Jim – You were such a blessing to listen to in the mornings in TTown. I know I have said it before, but not only did my son and I enjoy hearing you, I knew without doubt that there wasnt a thing going to come out of your mouth that I had to worry about my son hearing. I knew that each and every time he heard you, you would be an inspiration. We will join you in prayer from Oklahoma on your job search.
    Thank you for keeping us connected to you through FB 🙂

    Always a fan!! Ashley and Jacob


    • You’re sweet to say that and I’m glad I could do that for your Jacob. As odd a career in radio is (it’s fun, but behind he scenes it’s crazy) I believe I’m doing what I was called to do…AND I LOVE IT! Thank you for your prayers.


  2. Jim I loved listening to you on WIL. I was so disappointed in the station that I stopped listening again. I pray you find the right place that God has for you soon. Beverly


    • Beverly, I’m confident God will lead me to the correct place. I believe STL was a part of the trip he had planned for me…he just didn’t mention how short a visit it would be! lol I know the journey he has for me continues.


  3. I love this! I can’t wait to find out what God’s plan is for you guys because it seems like it’s going to be glorious. Praying it’s here in the STL…


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