That’s How You Do The Last Day of School

Gotta say…last day of school was busy…and absolutely worth it.

  • 8:00 Drop kids off for last day of school.last Day of school
  • 8:20 Coffee with Tracey, my wife. (Last time without kids)
  • 8:30 Big Lots to buy Silly String, fun snacks and goodies to give to the kids when school is done.
  • 9:30 Going away party with Principle Kline. Four years…great woman…fantastic results for the school.
  • 10:30 Final chapel with the kids.
  • 12:15 Load kids into car.
  • 1:00 Mom takes our daughter to a school pool party. I take the boy to the park with friends.
  • 3:45  Give kids the big basket of fun stuff from Big Lots.
  • 3:46  Silly String fight…I finish it off by dousing everyone with the hose!
  • 4:30 Friend shows up to spend the night with my son…spend three hours playing XBox
  • 7:30 Papa John’s Pizza
  • 8:00 Movie…Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
  • 9:30 Nighttime basketball with the kids on the driveway
  • 10:00 More XBox
  • 10:45 In bed

GREAT last day of school/beginning of summer.


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